Weapons of Battalion 1944 #1 - M1 GARAND

Apr 11, 2017

Purchase your access to the Battalion 1944 closed alpha today! PayPal is live! Visit: Thanks everyone who tuned into the development livestream on the Bulkhead Interactive Twitch channel. It was great to talk directly with you guys and let you know the latest in terms of Battalion 1944's development. For those who missed the livestream, we decided to break our vow of silence and give you a small glimpse of the quality bar we're aiming for with the development of Battalion 1944, with the iconic US rifle, the M1 Garand. We released this both as a thank you for your patience as backers and supporters, but also because we can't help but share a glimpse of the awesome work happening in the Bulkhead offices. With the launch of our PayPal store, we thought it was only right to show you the level of quality your support is producing and also how much the money raised by both Kickstarter pledges, and now PayPal pre-orders, continue to help Battalion 1944's development as the premier WW2 FPS of the next generation. Read the latest Battalion 1944 development update right here: