Developer Vlog

VLOG_005: Play with the devs - The Third Community Classic & Alienware Giveaway!

Apr 11, 2017

http://communityclassic.battaliongame... Get involved on Tuesday September 6th at 20:30 BST (UK Time). Come and play Battlefield 2 in the third community classic. All the details are here: Whether you’re a seasoned Battlefield vet or you’ve never even played a Battlefield game before, we encourage you to come and experience Battlefield with us! We want to play as many classic games with you guys as possible. Therefore, one night every month we will be hosting a server and inviting you all to come join the developers and I for a night of classic first person shooters! Our Third Community Classic will be taking place on September 6th at 20:30 BST! On this night we will be playing Battlefield 2. One of the final Battlefield games to remain true to Battlefield's roots. If you haven't played come and play for free! Join us on Discord, the devs are very active here!