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Howard Philpott


Our brand new and revamped website has just gone live. We're aiming for this site to become the central community hub, giving you easy access to follow the development of everything Battalion 1944, all the way up to and beyond the Closed Alpha release, May 2017.

Along with the new website, we're also introducing our updated, secure and spam free official community forums. We'll be pushing the use of our forums alongside the growing community moderated Reddit and Discord channels. We're making the next WW2 shooter alongside you, the Battalion fans and early backers, so expect to see myself and the Bulkhead team continue to increase activity as a part of the community.

You can join the Battalion 1944 Reddit community here: /r/Battalion1944

You can join the Discord community right here: Battalion 1944 Discord

Also the official Battalion PayPal store is now officially open! 

This means anyone can become an active supporter of the development of Battalion 1944 with options to pre-order and get into the closed alpha, beta and early access versions of the game. If you missed the chance to back our Kickstarter, now is your chance to get involved and secure your place in the closed alpha, coming May 2017. All the funds received will go directly into the development of Battalion 1944 and expansion of its content, making the competitive world war 2 experience even more intense.

Keep an eye right here as more news, and progress updates are coming soon, so bookmark www.BattalionGame.com for all the latest development updates.

- Howard 'KingHoward' Philpott & Bulkhead Interactive team.

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"We have many things we can't wait to share with the community but we're making sure to perfect every aspect before we do. We have a quick teaser coming on the next livestream to thank you all for your loyalty, support and faith in Battalion 1944. We're setting the bar for the next generation of WW2 first person shooters."