Weapons of Battalion 1944 #1 - M1 Garand

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Thanks everyone who tuned into last night's development livestream on the Bulkhead Interactive Twitch channel. It was great to talk directly with you guys and let you know the latest in terms of Battalion 1944's development.

For those who missed the livestream, we decided to break our vow of silence and give you a small glimpse of the quality bar we're aiming for with the development of Battalion 1944, showing your the first in our 'Weapons of Battalion 1944' video series, the iconic US rifle, the M1 Garand.

We released this both as a thank you for your patience as backers and supporters, but also because we can't help but share a glimpse of the awesome work happening in the Bulkhead offices. With the launch of our PayPal store, we thought it was only right to show you the level of quality your support is producing and also how much the money raised by both Kickstarter pledges, and now PayPal pre-orders, continue to help Battalion 1944's development as the premier WW2 FPS of the next generation.

"In my opinion, the M1 Garand is the greatest battle implement ever devised." - General George S. Patton

In this video we show off the M1 Garand in all it's glory and In-Engine. One of the cool announcements we made on last night's stream is that one of the new gameplay features of Battalion 1944 is that new players will be given brand new uniforms and weapons, with every item looking like it came straight out of the factory. You may be thinking "Great, what's cool about that?"... 

The cool thing is, the more you play Battalion 1944 and level up your character, the more battle hardened your character's uniform and equipment will become. This will be shown by direct wear and tear on your weapons and equipment that increases with your character's level. This is alongside the cosmetic unlocks, such as weapon engravings, for high leveled and veteran players.

For example the 'Battered Bastards of Bastogne' engraving shown in the video above will be exclusive for those who reach the higher ranks. Players will have to earn that 'veteran look' status by actually being a veteran of the game. This means veteran players will actually stand out from the crowd of newer players. So good news for the early adopters of Battalion 1944, as you'll get a head start on shaping your character's identity.

We've also been having talks internally about rewarding unlocks, gifted straight from Bulkhead Interactive to specific community members, for doing extraordinary things within the Battalion 1944 community. This could be from creating consistently high quality video content about the game or making an insane play in a competitive match. We think it would be a nice touch to reward the most loyal and hardcore members of the community.

"Battalion 1944 uses a ‘live wear system’ we call this “The War Torn System”. This wear system is tied to your rank. When you first play as the game as rank one, your uniform, equipment, weapon, and character's faces are all clean, new and fresh. As if a new recruit or replacement has just arrived at the front. As you begin to rank up through the game, your character and weapons become increasingly more worn, scratched and damaged. As you rank up you’ll be given ‘etchings’ that you can choose to carve into your weapon, the rarest of which being dropped at the higher ranks. Your character’s face will become more scared or bloody. You’ll be able to unlock war paint used by units such as the famous ‘pathfinders’ on D-Day. Your equipment will become more battered and used. We think this is a great feature, at a distance you can visually see a player's ranking or status, without using an icon or number above the players head to see. We’re creating an element of prestige in a much more real and tangible sense than just a number on a scoreboard, you actually become war torn." "To add; when you reach the top rank, you’ll be able to continue growing and earning different types of woods for your weapons, all historically accurate. Do not expect to see a pink tiger camo M1 Garand! We only make art for Battalion 1944 from reliable reference images. The War Torn System is just one way we’re taking the great gameplay and balance of old school classic shooters and bringing them into the current generation of video games." - Joe Brammer, Executive Producer.

Here's the exciting part: The M1 Garand isn't the only thing we've been working on. Everything that you saw in the original Pre-Alpha Kickstarter footage is being re-made and refined as we work towards the Closed Alpha release date, May 2017.

We're currently working on making sure the basics of movement, game feel and weapon mechanics are locked down in our whitebox version of the game, debating and refining aspects of the game's overall design to create the best shooter experience we can achieve within Unreal Engine 4. Whilst the design and gameplay fundamentals are being refined, our talented art team have been working on the art of Battalion 1944. When we're working with with an IP with the potential of Battalion 1944, we're making sure we do everything to the absolute highest quality. Our character art team have been working on the revised German and US soldiers taking into consideration the high levels of cosmetic customization options that will be available in the game. The weapons team are working on a host of brand new photo realistic weapon models and textures ready for the Alpha in May 2017.

I hope this update gives your confidence that Battalion 1944 is in good hands.

- Howard Philpott, Creative Producer at Bulkhead Interactive.

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