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Hey guys!

Our next development livestream is coming 12th August 2016, where we'll be telling you how to you'll get a chance to get your hands on an Alienware PC for free by supporting Battalion 1944.

Community Manager, Alex 'Big Tuna' Preece, will be hosting the stream with a guest appearance from the man who's usually behind the stream, one of Battalion 1944's creative producer and level designer, Howard Philpott, followed by Bulkhead Interactive's studio head and producer, Joe Brammer, for a live Q&A session. To thank all of Battalion 1944's supporters for your patience, we'll also be showing you a sneak peak at one of the most iconic weapons of World War 2 rendered in real time directly in engine at 1080p 60fps during the livestream. Whilst we've said before we will only do big announcements and reveals, we really wanted to do this to show you the level of quality we're focusing on for the entirety of Battalion 1944. Everything from the prototype is being remade in beautiful high fidelity, so we wanted to give you a small peak at the quality bar we're working towards by showing one of the revamped Battalion 1944 weapon models.

We'll also be taking a live Q&A after the reveal, as well as going into detail about how leveling your character will change the look of your soldier, helping you build your own personal identity within Battalion 1944.

So, if you need a PC upgrade ready for Battalion 1944 or just want to show off a brand new super high spec rig to your friends, why not get ahead of everyone else? Take the chance and become a member of Battalion 1944's Alienware group here: Join the Battalion 1944 Alienware group & win an Alienware PC! If we get enough members to join the group, Alienware will be giving us a free Alienware PC, which we'll give directly back to one lucky member of the community.

Follow Bulkhead Interactive on Twitch ready for the Live stream, 12th August 2016!