Community classic #3 - Battlefield 2!

article by
Alex Preece

Hi Guys! 

Thanks for tuning in to our announcement and weapon reveal livestream! The stream will be available to watch on Twitch if you missed it under our past broadcasts. Also you can view our video of our In-game engine M1 Garand on the Bulkhead Interactive youtube channel:

However as discussed in our latest twitch stream it’s time to announce the 3rd Community Classic Play Night! 

The next Community Classic will be taking place on Tuesday, 6th September at 20:30 BST and we will be playing Battlefield 2! This is a game that a fair few of us at Bulkhead have played and you all know our Producer Joe Brammer loves it a lot!

These events have been going really well se we are keen to keep this event rolling! They also give us a great opportunity to talk to you guys personally through Discord here: and have a good time playing a great FPS together.

EA no longer support this game but a group of modders still run servers.  

The link to our server information will be on our Community Classic webpage. Just visit 

Let us know you’re joining us and sign your name on the signing up to the Community Classic Facebook event on We want to make sure the server sizes are appropriate! 

DISCLAIMER: The Bulkhead team are seriously competitive, bring your A game! That being said whether you’re a rookie or a veteran don’t be afraid to join in and fight us on night. 

Go follow my Twitter ”@BigTunaAlex” and Battalion 1944’s twitter “@Battalion1944” for updates on future community classics! 

We really hope you can join us and share these amazing gaming experiences with us and we’ll see you on the battlefield, September 6th at 20:30 BST! 

See you in Combat!