Alpha v0.2: Extra Info, Shotgun Footage and Giveaways!

article by
Alex Preece

Hey guys

Just a reminder that Closed Alpha V0.2 is this weekend so get ready for your second instalment of Battalion 1944!

For those of you that bought into our Closed Alpha package from this Friday at 6pm BST, you’ll be able to see first hand what changes we’ve made from Alpha v0.1 - v0.2!

If you missed our update video and changelog you should check it out here. This will give you all the details you’ll need and get up caught up on everything new!

In addition to the changes outlined in our last changelog and video, we have also made a few more smaller updates to Battalion which will be tested during Alpha v0.2.

These updates include equipment sets that will attach to your player character randomly. These sets of gear will hopefully add more disparity between player characters in the casual Team Deathmatch mode. This equipment gear sets are currently physics based so please bare in mind this is an unfinished feature and could react strangely during the test weekend and therefore need some tweaking!

Within Alpha v0.2 we will have giveaways in return for helping us test the game and providing great feedback! We’ll be giving away:

The categories for winning these are:

As always. If you have bought into our Alpha and you want access to our Discord or our Forum Test Zone then message me on any social media network and I’ll work it out for you!

The Dev’s will be on our Private Alpha Discord Server most of the nights and will be in the servers too so look out for their names in the kill feed.

Happy Fragging and we’ll see you in Alpha v0.2 this Friday!


Tuna & The Bulkhead Team