Alpha 0.1 Recap, Alpha 0.2 Information!

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Alpha 0.1 - TDM Manorhouse Recap

First of all we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who was involved in the Alpha 0.1 weekend. We’ve managed to create such a well informed and mature community who are taking the game for what it is: a very early Closed Alpha test on which we can start to build Battalion 1944 upon.


99% of you guys were mature & showed you understood the meaning of what it takes to be part of such an early build of an in-development game. You’ve been sending us extremely valuable feedback and bug reports as well as having great fun smashing each other in Team Deathmatch on Manorhouse.

We implemented some internal stat tracking features in Battalion 1944’s back end, so we thought we’d give you guys a peak at a bit of cool information that has come through from this play test weekend.

Manorhouse TDM Heatmap for Alpha 0.1 Manor House ManManrMaManorhouse TD Manorhouse TDM Heatmap for Alpha 0.Manor house TDM Heatmap for Alpha v0.1Manor House TDM Heatmap for Alpha v0.1Manorhouse TDM Heatmap for Alpha 0.1Manorhouse TDM Heatmap for Alpha 0.1HeaManorhouse TDM Heatmap for Alpha v0.1

This heat map compiles the deaths of every player from every server over the weekend on our first map, Manor house. The choke points are really lighting up, which is a good sign of healthy flow throughout the map. The most interesting part is how much you guys fought it out inside the Manor itself. We wanted the manor to be a focal point of the map for close range firefights (at least in TDM) which we seem to have achieved and yet the other areas of the map are still active with a clear flow between lanes. This is a good sign that the map is headed in the right direction, albeit the tweaks we need to introduce through your feedback for Alpha 0.2.

Another quick bit of info you guys may be interested in, is that the player with the most kills during the Alpha weekend was ‘Bot Alien’ who isn’t actually a bot or an alien… congratulations! Whilst this doesn’t mean too much, as a lot of players were simply testing and not actually playing seriously to win, we thought it’d be cool to let you know! 

Top 10 Alpha 0.1 Fraggers

Total kills from all players during Alpha 0.1: 196,467 kills.

Alpha 0.2 Release Info

Alpha 0.2 will be coming to the Battalion 1944 Test Zone, 14th/15th July 2017.  

Alpha 0.2 will be a big milestone for development and the Battalion 1944 community. 

We feel there’s little reason to put out minor weekly updates that show minor progress and instead want to push larger updates over longer periods that you guys can really look forward to every change we make as the changes will be much more significant. This will ensure you’re given enough new content to come back to, check out the latest additions to the game as well as re-testing those bugs/fixes that need to be made and helping us find new bugs that are introduced.

After all of your amazing feedback, we want to get our heads down and get back to work to make sure Battalion’s next Alpha release will be a good one, improving on the plethora of feedback you have all provided us with so far. You can expect the next Battalion 1944 release to improve on the feedback you’ve provided, as we look to fix bugs, implement design changes and also add new settings and features to the game.

Some of you may be thinking how this changes our plans for Beta/Early Access release dates. These release dates have never been officially announced for this reason. We wanted the flexibility to be able to polish the game before release on Steam (The Steam release needs to be as polished as possible, evidenced by the numerous rushed Early Access releases right now that never make it to full release.) 

We planned and budgeted for this in advance, which means we’re able to extend our development time and allow for a longer Alpha testing period and more Alpha weekends, as well as a longer Beta period.  

Bugs Don’t Get Fixed Overnight.

Game development is hard. It takes time, even for something that seems small. We have to prioritize more important issues over others. We’re not a AAA sized team. Patience is key! That’s the trade off when getting to play before everyone else.

However, you also get the knowledge that you are assisting development, more than you could imagine, by helping us identify the issues with the game. We’re working together to bring back an FPS with skill based fluid game play like the old school classics and you’re at the centre of that development.

Bulkhead at E3 2017 & ESL One Cologne

Some of the Bulkhead team will be at E3 2017 promoting the game and networking with other industry players for the week of the 9th-16th June. You’ll be able to see live updates via our developer Twitter accounts so make sure to follow @Brammertron@HowardPhilpott and @BigTunaAlex for all your Bulkhead related E3 2017 updates

Bulkhead will be walking around E3, come say Hi!
Bulkhead will be walking around E3, come say Hi!

ESL One Cologne 2017 is another great opportunity the team have been gifted by our friends at ESL to be VIP members representing Battalion 1944 at one of the industry's most prestigious esports events. Our aim is to get talking to professional teams, organisations and players to help secure Battalion 1944’s future as a competitive title.

Representing Battalion 1944 at ESL One!
‍Representing Battalion 1944 at ESL One!

Remaining Surveys/Alpha Codes

If you’re still missing your Alpha code, first of all please check the list below:

Please double check which tier you backed!
‍Please double check which tier you backed!

If you’re sure you’re supposed to receive Alpha Access, please follow the instructions below:  

Please follow these instructions if you missed out on your Alpha code(s), need access to the Closed Alpha forum or need access to the Closed Alpha Discord channel.

Next Development Update Coming Soon!

Keep an eye on our social media accounts for upcoming Battalion 1944 development updates. Now that the Alpha has gone out, we can be much more liberal with how much we show. We can't reveal everything, but expect to see teasers of the upcoming work that's being done all the way up until Alpha 0.2.


The Bulkhead Interactive Team