Game Features



Raw Skill Based Gameplay. We believe your skill should be determined by your play, not through unfair overpowered unlocks & abilities. Battalion learns from the skill based game play of classic competitive shooters and merges with modern ranked matchmaking, stats and user interface to make Battalion a truly next gen competitive shooter. One shot with your bolt action rifle is extremely powerful and requires precise aim but miss that shot? You'll be punished for it.

Intense & Balanced Infantry Combat. Battalion's maps will be designed around our team based close quarters infantry combat. Our designers have scoured hundreds of multiplayer shooters to design the best fitting formula for a well balanced and competitive first person shooter. This means tight, focused and competitive maps based around classic 'CS style' figure of 8 level design with the verticality of classic Call of Duty-esque arenas. The map locations are inspired by real world battlegrounds of the allied campaign and blended with competitive layouts of classic shooters that focus on balance and competition.

Competitive & Casual Game Modes. Battalion's core focus is on a custom competitive version of 5v5 Search and Destroy, focusing on fast reactions, team play and resource management. However, Battalion also caters for a variety of classic game modes such as Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Domination. We're also working on a brand new and dynamic objective based game mode which will be released later during the game's development.


What are some of BATTALION 1944's Planned core features?

BattleRank Team and Player Stats. Go lone wolf or team up alongside friends and play season to season through Battalion 1944's matchmaking system BattleRank and see you improvement as a player from season to season. BattleRank's in depth stat tracking lets you see how well your team is performing with certain maps/weapons/factions on your team's personalised page.

Cosmetic Progression System. Our progression system will not under any circumstances offer game breaking advantages to players of higher rank but instead will offer a purely cosmetic based unlock system. When you gain XP you will be rewarded with visual upgrades for your character, accessories and weapons within our realistic art style guidelines. This way players can shape their own soldier's identity and become a renowned and recognisable player within the community.

Classic FPS Basics - LAN Support. Reliable Server Hosting/Browser. Persistent Anti Cheat System.

Too many modern games leave out these simple features that we feel are simple requirements for a good FPS game and fostering a healthy community. We're fed up of badly ported games ruining the experience of modern FPS games which lack these most basic of features. Battalion will change that.


Steam Early Access Development & BATTALION 1944

Community Driven Development. Battalion is a game by the players for the players. Most of you reading this page have grown up and are still playing shooters to this day, so in a way we all own a piece of the FPS genre through our experiences. This is why the community has been and always will be be a huge part of the key design decisions behind Battalion, as together we know the genre better than anyone. We’re proud of our open development process where we’re brutally honest, raw and transparent with our thoughts on not just Battalion but the FPS genre and the games industry as a whole. We aim to be accessible (within reason!) so we encourage people to talk to us directly via our official forums, reddit and discord channels.

Incremental Development. The worlds most competitive shooter isn't made overnight. It'll take months of refining Battalion 1944 through content updates and patches to make the shooter we deserve. There are definitely features not in the game yet that we feel are must have for a competitive shooter, the issue is development takes time. This is where your support comes in. By buying into Early Access you'll be able to provide feedback to help us evaluate which features we should prioritise during development and what issues are in need of patching. Your financial support by buying the early access version of the game is funding a development team that has the interests of the players at it's core.

Plans for Community Modding/Mapping support. We're working closely with Epic Games to create an extremely simple way of creating custom content for Battalion 1944 within Unreal Engine 4 itself. We're talking with top map creators from other competitive shooters to see how we can support the modding scene in terms of competitions, development and through financial incentives to encourage the highest quality community content.


Professional feedback & eSports potential?

Feedback from top ex-pro CoD1/2, CoD4 Promod, CS players and FPS casters/analysts . We're working alongside top players from both the Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4: Promod scenes to recreate the classic feel of old school shooters and to help balance the game, as well as talking to top casters and analysts from the FPS scene to ensure Battalion 1944's planned feature set is on the right path to create a competitive game that can stand the test of time.

Demo Playback, Movie making & Theatre Features. One of our goals is to make the spectator experience for Battalion 1944 easily accessible and readable. This is why we're already in talks with FPS casters to ensure that when we're ready to implement our spectator & Theatre/Demo playback features we'll have a good head start in development.

We're already working alongside big names in the FPS frag movie making scene to ensure the game is a blast to use when movie making. With visual configs accessible and changeable in-game, movie makers wont have to worry about the hassle of swapping over their config files, as all your custom settings can be saved into accessible presets within the settings menu. This also goes for saving out visually bland (perform-ant) presets for competitive play as well as visually appealing configs that players can change to and tweak mid-game when playing casually.

Potential for LAN/Tournament Play

Battalion 1944 is aimed to be a competitive game, with seasonal online championships to crown the best teams & players within the game. We feel there's a huge gap in competitive FPS that exists between the slower pace of Counter Strike and the frantic team fights of Overwatch where a fast paced hit-scan style game in the vein of classic CoD2 and CoD4 Promod used to be. This means fast rounds, explosive clutch plays and an exciting round to round action that Battalion is working towards re-vitalizing. We can't say "We're making Battalion an esport" as there are many outside factors, however we aim to make a game that has the potential to grow into the game that we feel is missing from the competitive FPS scene.